We are open to content on any theme, in any style, but we have a preference for work that pushes boundaries and is experimental in nature. You don't have to shock and awe us, just surprise us and make us think about things. 

For our Spring, Summer, and Fall issues, we will use a selection process that is guided by chance. But, our editors may just fall in love with something that wasn't lucky and aim to publish it any way. The Winter issue is what you should submit to if you want chance to have nothing to do with your work going out into the world.

Free to submit, and open to all genres and themes. 

Note - while we are called The Gambler, we are not a publication about gambling. The name nods more towards a state of mind and any work submitted that is about gambling may be rejected on principle.

Ends on December 31, 2017
The Gambler crew has gotten busier, so we're slowing things down a bit.

Chance is currently being abandoned, as editors will read and evaluate every single piece that is submitted, choosing the best ones for the forthcoming “House Wins” issue.

You may submit your work until Dec 31st. Editors will read and respond to pieces as they come in.

Submission Guidelines

Fiction and Nonfiction: Up to 10 double-spaced pages 

Poems: 1 - 5 poems

Art: send us as much art as you want, but make sure it is web-ready

Random: We like randomness and want to see it. So, send us a list, a doodle, a transcript of the worst Tinder exchange ever. If we like it and want to feature it, we'll let you know.